Flat Work Ironer

What is Flat Work Ironer?

A flat work ironer, also known as a roller ironer, is a specialized machine used in commercial and industrial laundries to efficiently press and finish large flat textiles such as bed linens, tablecloths, and towels. It consists of a heated roller and a flat bed through which fabrics pass, applying heat and pressure to remove wrinkles and creases. Flatwork ironers are essential for maintaining high-quality standards and productivity in laundry operations.

Components and Operation

Heated Roller: The central component of a flatwork ironer is a large roller that is heated internally using steam or electricity. This roller generates the necessary heat to effectively press fabrics.

Flat Bed: Below the heated roller is a flat surface against which the fabric is pressed. This combination of heat and pressure helps to remove wrinkles and creases from the textiles.

Conveyor System: Fabrics are fed into the ironer through a conveyor belt system. This allows for continuous feeding of linens, ensuring a steady flow through the pressing process.

Types of Flatwork Ironers

Single-Roll Ironers: These machines have a single heated roller and are suitable for smaller-scale operations or specific types of textiles.

Multi-Roll Ironers: Larger operations often use multi-roll ironers, which have several rollers lined up consecutively. This design increases throughput and efficiency.

Benefits of Using a Flatwork Ironer

Efficiency: Flatwork ironers can process large volumes of textiles quickly, far exceeding the speed and consistency of manual ironing.

Consistency: The heat and pressure applied by the roller ensure uniform results across all textiles, maintaining a high standard of finish.

Versatility: Modern flatwork ironers are versatile and can handle a wide range of fabrics and thicknesses, from delicate linens to heavy-duty materials like towels and sheets.


Flatwork ironers are essential in industries where presenting clean, wrinkle-free textiles is critical, such as:

Hospitality: Hotels and resorts rely on flatwork ironers to maintain the crisp appearance of bed linens and tablecloths.

Healthcare: Hospitals and healthcare facilities use flatwork ironers to ensure hygienic and well-presented patient linens.

Commercial Laundries: Large-scale laundries serving multiple clients benefit from the efficiency and throughput of flatwork ironers.

Avon Engineering’s Flat Work Ironer.

Introducing our revolutionary Flat Work Ironer – a cornerstone of innovation in the world of laundry technology. This cutting-edge laundry machine reimagines the art of ironing, offering a seamless blend of efficiency, precision, and fabric care for a variety of textiles.

Why we choose Avon Engineering’s Flat Work Ironer?

Elevate your laundry service with the Avon Flat Work Ironer’s ability to deliver flawless, wrinkle-free textiles. Furthermore, from bedsheets and tablecloths to uniforms, achieve professional results every time.

Our machine boasts high-speed ironing capabilities. Consequently, reducing the time it takes to press a wide range of fabrics. Efficiency meets quality with each pass.

Simplify your ironing process with intuitive controls that allow you to adjust temperature, speed, and pressure settings to suit the unique requirements of different textiles. Moreover, these user-friendly controls enhance the efficiency of your ironing tasks.

Crafted with durability in mind, the Flat Work Ironer is constructed using high-quality materials. As a result, its robust design ensures reliable and consistent performance, even in high-demand settings.

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